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Me: My name is Caty. I love graphic design, photography and all other kinds of art. I enjoy movies, reading, music, nature, being social & life in general. :)

Journal: This is a graphic journal to showcase my icons & banners/headers, and also the occasional resources such as textures and psds. I mostly post stock icons and banners.

I am always open to new friends on here, so please feel free to friend me at any time. Also, if you would like to affiliate either send me a message or comment somewhere on my journal.

1. Please comment if you take anything from my journal. I really appreciate your comments!
2. Credit me if you use any of my textures or psds. Giving credit for my icons and banners is appreciated, but not necessary.
3. Do not redistribute my graphics as your own or use any of my icons as bases.
4. Please do not hotlink anything from this journal (what is hotlinking?).
5. I'm not looking for constructive criticism on any of my work, so please do not give it.
Enjoy! :)

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